My painting ‘Angelica gets Swept Away’ will be shown as a part of the Summer Show at Walthamstow Village Window Gallery

Come to the Opening Friday the 20th of July at 7pm for the celebration and to get priority purchasing powers!

SUMMER SHOW 2018 E LIST AD 93x126 v2

Warped threads: Solo exhibition at Kiosko Gallery

15 March- 5 April 2018

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A collection of art works consisting of embroidery, natural printing techniques, created during an artist residency in Independencia, working with indigenous women on a diverse range of textiles and natural dyeing techniques.

Rompiendo Esquemas: Taller y Exp. de Pintura

 Rompiendo Esquemas- Art event at 360Workplace with Olivia Barron

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A duo exhibition with Olivia Barron and Surya de Wit in Cochabamba.

Olivia Barrón explores the poetics of the self through art, investigating concepts such as identity, love, loss and the battle / journey in constant evolution that one has with himself, being her main focus is on women, faces and emotions .
Surya de Wit known for her portrait in which she incorporates a variety of unconventional materials with the aim of creating a sense of tangibility for the public, through portraits inspired by her experiences and how she identifies with the people she meets, this series was made during an artist in residence in Independencia Bolivia.
The exhibition was accompanied by a watercolor workshop by Olivia and a collage workshop by Surya accompanied by the music of Dj Gontech and Dj Phatos and delicious cocktails by Goccia liqueurs