A mixed media portrait of a woman with a monocle


Paintings Drawings Projects Heroinas de hoy (Simi Warmis colaboration) Heroinas de hoy blog post Montessori Mural Montessori Mural blog post Exhibition ‘My Pet Monster’ statement in English and Spanish Surya de Wit is a young artist from the Netherlands who graduated with a bachelor in Fine Art in 2010 from ArtEZ Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten, […]

A Oil Portrait of a woman staring off into the middle distance on a felt background


Paintings Drawings Exhibitions Sweet Wilderness Solo Exhibition  ‘Sweet Wilderness’ In Gallery ‘Epix’ at Perron026 13November – 15December 2011 Paradise lost Exhibition ‘Paradise Lost’ at Gallery ‘Espace Enny’ in Laag Keppel 22 May – 31 July 2011 Het dwangmatig terug grijpen naar een tijd toen ‘alles beter was’, een tijd zonder zorgen, waar alles uitgelegde was […]