A Portrait of a kneeling Black woman on a purple floor with a mint green background


‘Willow’ ‘Willow’ Willow is based on a picture of Willow Smith that really inspired me, her pose was so introvert a perfect example of someone who is at peace in their own space. I wanted to focus on different paint textures and patterns. 130x90cm £1,320

Surya de Wit at her 2018 exhibition at the Elizabeth James Gallery

Exhibitions 2018

‘Figuratively speaking’ A group exhibition of figurative artist at Elizabeth James Gallery in London Walthamstow Village Window Gallery ‘Summer Show’ My painting ‘Angelica gets Swept Away’ will be shown as a part of the Summer Show at Walthamstow Village Window Galler Warped threads: Solo exhibition at Kiosko Gallery 15 March- 5 April 2018 ://www.kioskogaleria.com/exposiciones/warped_threads-1059.html A […]

Surya de Wit at her 2017 exhibition at the Ugly Duck

Exhibitions 2017

Exhibitions June 2017 – ‘Game face’ Sweet art group exhibition at Tanner Street Gallery, London ‘Family ties’ group exhibition Wynwood art district cafe Walthamstow, London 28th of May – 6th of July ‘Icon’ group exhibition Wynwood art district cafe Walthamstow, London, 16th of March – 13th of April 2017   ‘T’ART’ Sweet art group exhibition […]

A woman wearing a red turban on a background of peacocks with embroidered lungs


Paintings Drawings   ‘CLUSTER’ group exhibition at Wynwood art district cafe Walthamstow, London 18 November- 15 December 2016

A girl on a green background eating an octopus


Paintings     Drawings   Day Job exhibition   I moved to London just over a year ago after having lived for a year in Cochabamba (Bolivia). As with any major change in my life this also had a knock on effect on my work. The thing that struck me most strongly was the fact […]

An Oil Painting and embroidered portrait of an otherworldly shrouded female figure on a floral background


Paintings Drawings Exhibition Saturnalia (Sweet art group show at Juno bar in Shorditch) I have always been captivated by the methods in which people across history have celebrated the things important to their lives such as nature, the life process and the cycles of the weather. This often involves creating costumes out of items immediately […]