A Portrait of a kneeling Black woman on a purple floor with a mint green background


‘Willow’ ‘Willow’ Willow is based on a picture of Willow Smith that really inspired me, her pose was so introvert a perfect example of someone who is at peace in their own space. I wanted to focus on different paint textures and patterns. 130x90cm £1,320

Surya de Wit at her 2018 exhibition at the Elizabeth James Gallery

Exhibitions 2018

‘Figuratively speaking’ A group exhibition of figurative artist at Elizabeth James Gallery in London Walthamstow Village Window Gallery ‘Summer Show’ My painting ‘Angelica gets Swept Away’ will be shown as a part of the Summer Show at Walthamstow Village Window Galler Warped threads: Solo exhibition at Kiosko Gallery 15 March- 5 April 2018 ://www.kioskogaleria.com/exposiciones/warped_threads-1059.html A […]

Surya de Wit at her 2017 exhibition at the Ugly Duck

Exhibitions 2017

Exhibitions June 2017 – ‘Game face’ Sweet art group exhibition at Tanner Street Gallery, London ‘Family ties’ group exhibition Wynwood art district cafe Walthamstow, London 28th of May – 6th of July ‘Icon’ group exhibition Wynwood art district cafe Walthamstow, London, 16th of March – 13th of April 2017   ‘T’ART’ Sweet art group exhibition […]

A woman wearing a red turban on a background of peacocks with embroidered lungs


Paintings Drawings   ‘CLUSTER’ group exhibition at Wynwood art district cafe Walthamstow, London 18 November- 15 December 2016

A girl on a green background eating an octopus


Paintings     Drawings   Day Job exhibition   I moved to London just over a year ago after having lived for a year in Cochabamba (Bolivia). As with any major change in my life this also had a knock on effect on my work. The thing that struck me most strongly was the fact […]