Infante Montessori preschool mural in Bolivia

When asked by my friend Kathryn Fong my friend who works for the infante Montessori preschool to make a mural. A mural that had the intent to show passers by what went on behind the walls, my first thought was how do I involve the children so it becomes something they are proud of.
So I decided to let them all paint a ceramic tile which I would later work into a mosaic.


I asked the older group to paint something that showed how their school was important to them.


And the younger group did hand prints as painting was a bit too much of a challenge for them.


It all lead to a great colorful collection of tiles painted by the students as well as the school staff who where just as eager to get their brushes dipped in paint as the kids.


Then Kathryn, some great friends and myself got to work installing the mural.



Everyone was very happy with the end result, the children even threw an inauguration ceremony where they performed music acts and unveiled the mural.







For more information on infante and their projects visit the site


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