Being consumed by nostalgia

Being consumed by nostalgia

It is important to dream about new adventures, to leave behind all the old trusted situations
Surya de Wit, feathers and flowers
But then again to leave behind the people you trust and who support you doesn’t come very naturally. However much your connection to what you know is trusted , the temptation of new experiences is so domineering you have little choice but to go.
Surya de Wit, trusted embrace
The most difficult part is the letting go, when your on a new path often the feeling of nostalgia will overwhelm you . It will consume your thoughts break in on to your dreams,
surya de wit, bracelet
Surya de Wit, summer dreams
When at a certain  point they start to consume you,
Surya de Wit, sweat dreams
Loosing focus on all ambitions that where previously so prominent.
Surya de Wit, shadow
This nostalgia starts to work almost like a disease, where the further away you are from the memories you miss, the more you try to hold on to it.
Surya,floral disease
Until at a certain point these memories have consumed you and integrated in to your life in such a prominent way that they become a part of you. You will never be abel to let go because they are perminantly inprinted on you like scars the only option is to wear them proudly.
Surya de Wit,

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