Lampshade hat

Lampshgade Hat

It is a mixed media piece about the power imagination has on determining our demeanor in society. I made it at the time that i was researching how from a young age we experiment in picking and chooseing tangible means of representing ourselves. A predominant theme in a lot of my work is ‘the tangibility of personality’ and i believe that it is also fundamental to how we create our place in society.  ‘Lamp shade’ hat depicts a young girl wearing awkwardly big and eccentric clothing and an enormous hat. Of all my works it is up until now the most fragile piece I’ve made never being able to be put into storage always having to hang some where taken up it space in a very dominant manner, which although I admire the amount of respect it demands might not have been the most practical of decisions. It is also the first big piece I’ve ever had to let go of as it now belongs to the ‘Delta Lloyd’ collection. In looking back at it apart from needing improvement in things such as composition and painting/ drawing style, i find it very difficult to say if i should have made it in a motor practical less fragile manner, because i believe this adds to the power of the work the fact that it is a bit impulsive.


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