Fantastical rampage

Fantastical rampage

laying bare images of people perfectly  at home in their own world. There is a serenity there but in, my context these situations are rather inconceivable. but then again everything can be viewed as normal under the right circumstances.

My protagonist are masters of their own world, the pieces  have been made in an intimate protected environment. I will therefor be great to see them presented on a big open rough bare concrete wall.
These snapshots in to the bizarre and intimate realities of the subjects will be concentrated on relationships.


For one part their and our relationships with animals, how this can be objectified. Everyone has opinions about our interrelationships with animals, in this project i looked at relationships which to me appeared as peculiar, but to the subject this appears to be the most ordinary thing in the world.

Our relationships toward each other and the time we are living is also ever changing just like how we view our interconnection with animals. In the modern time women are presented to us as idealistic statements perfect and strong, some of my work deals with that by studying these images and in doing so creating something raw again almost striping away the photoshop layers we have learnt to live with.
This then changed in to looking to how we deal with the past and the consuming effects of nostalgia. These works focus on our obsession with the past  and how difficult it is to let go and stand strong in the present time. In my work nostalgia often presents itself in the form of floral patterns sometimes even leaving scares on the protagonist.


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