Artist Support Pledge

Since the Start of the Covid-19 Pandemic I have found it hard to start with bigger projects and have been creating smaller art works.

In creating smaller art works I was able to process some of the things I was going through due to the pandemic. Having to balance studying, working and creating and supporting myself

Although I was no longer able to have exhibitions and run art classes I was lucky to still have my work in a care home for adults with learning disabilities to support myself and I was needed there more than ever. They where intense times that where not made easier by not being able to see friends and take part in cultural activities.

More than anything I missed swimming to be able to process my thoughts, I did however find a haven in creating when possible

I hope you too have all found a way to make this pandemic more bearable.

All of the artworks in this post where created during the first lock down in the UK and are all for sale under £200 Contact me if you are interested in any of them

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