E17 Art Trail week 1

With the official opening party on Thursday the 30th of May E17 art tail started with a blast I planned to take lots of pictures but I go caught up in the excitement of it all and only have a few from the inconvenience store, which to be fair was pure genius!

Then on the first Saturday my friends and I went out to get a taster of what was going on. I’m not going to lie – there’s a lot – so it’s hard to know where to start. We started with the most absurd sounding one, supposedly the ‘public urinal exhibition’. I won’t give away the surprise of what we really saw…

My favourite find by far was ‘Small Wonder’ by Griffics. We were welcomed by the most well designed welcome-mat and doorbell ,and stepped into a house full of quirky design. He even made a dust-cloth that will make any chore fun!


I had to take a double take before entering Le GarageInc as it was down an alleyway, and despite my newfound sense of community spirit, it seemed a bit scary to go into an unfamiliar garage! What we found there was amazing photography and insane wigs in an improbable hair styling salon.


We also went to see Two exhibitions in which my work was featured in Yonder E17 climbing center and Creative Works on Blackhorse road.

I have to say the curators did an amazing job and my art works where presented beautifully.

At Yonder https://thisisyonder.com/art-trail I have a series of collage and embroidery works from my Wear the inside out series

In Creative Works https://www.creativeworks.space/ there are a number of bigger paintings on display.

It is beautiful to see these big paintings come to thier own in such a big environment where you ca really get some distance from the artworks to truly appreciate them